Power of Women (film)

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Power of Women (film)

Power of Women

Directed by

Produced by

Riyaz Khan

Music by



Jayadevi Films[1]

Release date

27 May 2005



Power of Women is a 2005 Tamil drama film, written and directed by Jayadevi. The film stars Kushboo, Hariharan and Riyaz Khan in the lead roles. Music for the film was composed by Vidyasagar and the film opened to mixed reviews in 27 May 2005.[2]


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Aatma (Hariharan) is an international fusion singer and social activist, who protests for the emancipation of women and writes books on the subject. His latest book, Marana Sasanam, proves to be controversial and subsequently leads to him being put under house arrest. Through a flashback to visiting students, he narrates the story of the Indian village girl Jyoti (Kushboo) who gets married and then widowed in her formative years, resulting in her dropping out of education. She then gets married to a wealthy NRI, Shyam (Riyaz Khan), and leaves India to head to Canada.
She copes well with the change in her lifestyle until she discovers that Shyam operates an illegal passport business, hence Jyoti attempts to rebel in vain against her husband. Aatma befriends her and offers her solace and subsequently Shyam suspects his wife and Aatma of having an illicit relationship. Jyothi then hears that her husband is going to blow up the CN Tower in Canada, and decides to tell the police but is killed by Shyam. The film concludes with Aatma revealing the various instances in the holy books of different religions which give woman only a secondary status and remarks about his displeasure at the current status quo. The court subsequently chooses not to ban the book.

Kushboo as Jothi
Hariharan as Aatma
Riyaz Khan as Shyam
Amanda Prasow

Singer Hariharan joined the film’s cast in August 2001 and made his acting debut with the venture.[3] Kausalya was selected to portray another female lead however it proved false.[4] Scenes were shot in Toronto, Canada during May 2002 with Hariharan and Kushboo.[5] The film languished in development hell and in an interview in November 2004, Kushboo revealed that the film was still in production.[6]
The film opened in May 2005 to mixed reviews, with a critic from BizHat.com noting that “the director